Private Car Rental in Nepal

We offer private Car Rental in Nepal with driver on various branded cars for your luxury trip inside Nepal. We have many brands cars on hire based in Pokhara and Kathmandu city. You can rent a cheap and best car with us. You can hire a latest model to vintage car, latest branded cars and luxurious car on rent.

We offer you cheap and best car rental service in the country.

How to Hire a Car

Car hiring in Pokhara is still not easy. However companies for car rental is increasing day by day and offering their service in Pokhara. We are offering multiple options for car booking by sending the request via WhatsApp or speaking in a phone directly. 

Choose your desired car from the list of the available fleets and click on the book now button. Then pay the bill via PayPal and send us your copy of driving license plus the receipt of your payment. We will provide you detail information within a short time. Now you will be ready to go.

Rental Cost

Based on the car brand, duration and distance you want to go, the rental cost depends. We have provided the cost of different types of cars in website. It will be the cost for the car booking. Sometimes without the lack of clear communication, the cost might be different. So, try to provide your proper requirement before you make the final booking.

Available Rental Fleets

We have many kinds of branded cars for rental in Pokhara. We deal on international branded cars of companies like Mahindra Jeep, Tata Car, Volvo Van and many other brands different models cars.